Leigh Family Newsletter – May 2, 2004

Top Ten

Reasons Why

The Leighs

Are Moving


Here’s the list I promised last month, and if we’re hearing God correctly, June’s newsletter should report more confirmations from our upcoming week in Alsace for ministry and house-hunting!

  1. Two speakers who came through the school earlier ignited in us several visions for the future, and they all revolve around being located near the German border, between Colmar and Mulhouse. (#2-4 describe these visions.)
  2. A handful of Christian schools in France are located here, but only one encompasses ninth grade for Rachel, and we want all 3 to attend there together next year. Christian schools are very fragile in France, but they are so important to forming strong Christians in a “post-Christian” Europe. Angela is excited about supporting the school with active involvement on many levels.
  3. David’s heart for France has always included a larger “European” perspective as well. Here we are more centrally located in Western Europe and near the EU Parliament in Strasbourg.
  4. There is no specific ministry call on our hearts for the Valence region in the future – lack of housing and a dissatisfaction with the public schools here have also been confirmation.
  5. We would also be closer to the Paris and Swiss YWAM bases that are currently ministering to families and have contacted us for help in upcoming seminars.
  6. This region was German territory for 30 yr. during the world wars, thus all the streets have German names and the food/architecture is more German than French. Now we know that David studied German in school for a divine purpose, and he looks forward to resurrecting it for the kingdom, working alongside our German-speaking friends!
  7. We both would love to help start a 24 hr.house of prayer and worship in France. We have spoken with others who want to see them all along the Rhine River where so much blood has been shed, as a tool to break spiritual strongholds in the area.
  8. We have already visited the area several times, formed local connections, and have said we would love to live there. We’ve also noticed that homes are bigger and cheaper there! Our house hunting will be limited to a reasonable distance from the school, which makes the task less overwhelming.
  9. Rachel’s high school options are a serious concern for us. We believe she needs an American education because she has started the language too late to succeed in the intense French system, and she wants to attend an American university. One option is an American boarding school for missionary kids that is near the border on the German side. If we should decide to send her there, at least she would be close by.
  10. The summers are not quite as long and hot as they are here in Valence. This means a lot to a family who wilts in hot humid weather, and where an air conditioning unit costs $800 and window screens are rare! (God knew we’d never make it in Africa!!)

It will be so exciting to see how and when God brings this all to pass – we are all anxious to get planted and take root in a place where we can begin to invest in the lives of others on a more long-term basis!

Love, Angela

P.S. For those that care, here are highlights of my trip back to the States:

  • the smoothest easiest flights ever, with personal video screens to make the hours fly by
  • 3 weeks without cooking a meal!
  • a comfortable double bed all to myself!
  • seeing “The Passion” on Good Friday – most beautiful film I’ve ever seen…
  • Spending Easter with my sister’s husband’s family, whom I’d never met, and a French friend who had just re-located to Phoenix
  • non-stop warm, sunny weather in Phoenix and Indianapolis
  • Noah’s discovery of baseball and a sentimental high school home game complete with Cracker Jacks and hot dogs
  • Olivia’s thrill to re-discover seedless grapes and soft toilet paper!
  • Rachel shadowing a sophomore at a Christian high school for a day, and being the only one who could define the Enlightenment!
  • playing in my sister’s pool almost everyday (after 9 months without swimming!)
  • the Grand Canyon!
  • Walmart, Target, Family Bookstore, and Costco!

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