Call Confirmed

We write today to proclaim Psalm 37:3-4!

“Trust in the LORD and do good; dwell in the land and enjoy safe pasture. Delight yourself in the LORD and He will give you the desires of your heart!”

Our "Maison de Rue" (row house) right on the street in the village of Soultz, France

Last week during our visit to the cities of Strasbourg and Guebwiller, we received every confirmation that we needed for our plans to move!We are walking on air as we look to the future with confidence! Here is a testimony of what the Lord did for us:

We participated in Strasbourg’s March for Jesus on a beautiful Saturday afternoon, praising God as loudly as possible for 2 hours with 500 other local Christians. There were hundreds of onlookers as our parade passed thru town, and we never saw any negative reactions. This felt like a positive sign of an open heaven for us for the coming week.

On Sunday, David led worship and taught on reconciliation for a church that is led by the dear Canadian family we were staying with. We’ve known them for 5 years since we met them in Denver. (They left for France at about the same time that we got our call back then.) We closed with a beautiful time of repentance and reconciliation around the Lord’s Supper.

On Monday morning we drove to the Christian school in Guebwiller and fell in love not only with the school, but with the whole area. Noah joined a class for a day, and immediately joined in a soccer game at recess. Because it took him 6 months to engage with kids in Albertville and Montéléger, this brought tears to my eyes. I know he will blossom in this “safe place,” where bullying is not tolerated, and character is developed. And Rachel can’t wait to experience ninth grade with her class of 6 !!

And about the house-we were very specific with the Lord: we really needed to buy, not rent, and it had to be within our means without a loan, be within 10 minutes of Guebwiller, be big enough to allow us to invite people to visit, and… we had only 3 days to find it!

After 2 1/2 days, it wasn’t looking good, but on the third day, our joy was resurrected when the perfect match was found, and we signed the contract with peace and relief. There is something very satisfying and prophetic about actually owning a piece of history on the land that God has called you to, for it comes with an authority to take back the land for His Kingdom!

It is a 100 yr. old “row house,” in American terminology, that sits right on a side street in a beautiful village that is one of the oldest in France. Though it has no driveway, garage, or yard, it makes up for that on the inside, with features and character that we found nowhere else!

And did I mention that it has not 2, not 3, but 4 stories of living space?! This was more than we dreamed of, esp. at that price range. Though very habitable, it still needs some work, so we’re currently recruiting any handyman/woman (“DIYer”, “bricoleur”) who wants to do a short term missions trip to make this house the ministry tool it has the potential to be!

Thursday morning we drove back up to Strasbourg for the Target Europe conference. Around 300? believers from all over Europe gathered for 3 days to worship, connect with others, receive impartation, and hear God’s voice concerning Europe. It was an exciting and important time for us. Mixed with all of that was a clear message that the time for the European Church to wake up and get in line with what God wants to do here is NOW! There is a window of opportunity that is important for us to seize and it’s one of the reasons this move is so important for us.

We’ll write again after the move in early July!

Love, Angela & Co.

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