Fall Festivities – Sept-Oct 2019

Hi Everyone,

My Spirit is really embracing the Jewish festivals this fall and I wonder if the new Hebrew year has anything to do with it: 5780 really stands out to me because it is my current age and the year I graduated from high school. Interestingly, our church has also decided for the first time to honor all 9 of the festivals this year!  This is adding a lot of celebration to our gatherings and brings into stark contrast the Catholic church calendar that dictates vacation days here, but holds no meaning for most people. The Hebrew year started on Oct 1, and it has already been quite moving with the elimination of the ISIS leader, a worship leader running for congress and the conversion of a certain rapper that has “Jesus is King” being declared all over social media!

Jewish Festivals!

David was actually in Indy during 2 of the fall festivals, so I had the liberty to experience them the way I wanted to. That included attending an apple and honey -drenched Rosh Hashanah service led by our church intercessors, personal inner healing time with a new book to continue working on my chronic fatigue, creating paper decorations for the then upcoming Feast of Tabernacles and attending a prayer meeting for Yom Kippur – those in our church with a heart for Israel asked forgiveness for the atrocities committed by the French collaborators with the Nazis during WW2.

In the meantime, David was making lots of good relational connections in Indy and a few of them have led to IT support work since he has returned. He got home in time to organize and participate in the 5 hrs of worship for the Sukkot tabernacle celebration. With most our young adults moving away for training and work in other parts of France and beyond, our worship teams have been painfully reduced. So for one of those hours, we played worship videos (in English with subtitles) and it was so exciting to hear the French singing along! I also love the rare opportunities to sing publicly in English, sensing His presence so much easier.

Unfortunately, our house project has been stalled for the last 3 months, but work should start back up next week. Our young family directing the project has come to the end of their grace with the delays, as this weekend was the original target date for moving in. They had outgrown their apartment long ago and we are thrilled that they have found a spacious, newly renovated house to rent in the meantime. David spent 4 hrs helping them build a huge wardrobe today and babysitting the kids will be much more pleasurable now and even more so when we are all in the same building!

And for our final news, this will actually be my next to last missive. We are entering a new season in more ways than housing next year and we’ll develop that more in our Dec. letter.

Until then, happy holidays!

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