Leigh Family Update – Spring Specials

February 27, 2004

Dear Friends,

Spring has always been my favorite season, and it looks like 2004 will not disappoint! Here s what is shaping up for us in the coming months:

  • The lecture phase of the Reconciliation School is coming to a close and teams are preparing to go on their outreaches. One team is even going to the U.S.! David will be doing seminars with a local team here in Valence and in Switzerland, and will also be traveling to Strasbourg to attend the “March for Jesus” and “Target Europe” conference in May.
  • I try to go on a personal retreat around this time of year whenever I can, and this year it will be to a weekend seminar in March on getting a new vision for the children in our churches. I consider this a retreat because I m going alone quite a distance, and I won t know anyone there. That gives me lots of time to lean on and be alone with Jesus. And though I have always had a heart for children, I have had very little spiritual training. I want more tools to reach French children before their hearts and minds become closed to the gospel in this Godless society.
  • My birthday and the birthday of my French pen friend of 28 years are 2 weeks apart. We have so enjoyed celebrating it together since I we moved to Europe. I pray this year will be a special one, as we have seen very little of each other, even though she is only an hour away. She has had a very difficult year that I hope God will use to draw her to Him.
  • After 2 years, the kids and I will be returning to the States to spend Easter with my family in Phoenix from April 7-22. (David will still be too engaged with the school to join us.) We are very excited about escaping dorm life, seeing the desert, and the Grand Canyon for the first time, and enjoying a warm Easter egg hunt amidst the cacti! I am also excited about THE MOVIE that you are all seeing, or should I say, experiencing, while we have to wait another month for it to come out here. I can’t think of a better way to start the Lenten season &
  • Speaking of which, the 40 days of prayer and fasting for France is on for another year, and we feel so privileged to be here during this intercession movement where we can see the spiritual climate slowly changing, giving hope to a country previously called the missionary graveyard. This week as David and I were praying and weeping for wisdom concerning Noah s continued struggle with the language, David really sensed that we were to dedicate our 40 days to intercede specifically for him. I was in complete agreement. God has called our whole family to this country. That means that Noah has something to offer France too, which the enemy is trying to block. Please join us, as God puts him on your heart!
  • This is also a special spring because all of our residence paperwork is now in order so that I can finally get a driver’s license and we can see if there really are government benefits that we’re entitled to!
  • Finally, concerning our housing & God has graciously shown us 5 months before the end of the school that this is not the region where we are to settle. Perhaps that is why we struggled to find a house! God used a couple of speakers here at the school and other new acquaintances we met at the same time, to make our next step seem clear, and everything kept pointing to the Alsace region (in northeastern France, on the boarder with Germany.) We hope to get more confirmation during David’s time in Strasbourg, and are hoping we can move there this summer! Stay tuned for more details in a future newsletter entitled, “Top Ten Reasons Why the Leighs are Moving Again!”

Angela and the family

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