David’s roles have included:

Participation in Europe wide intercession/reconciliation events

Oversight and purchasing for the sound/tech team

Birth and support of a local House of Prayer

Worship team leading & organizing

Church and home administration

IT support (on many levels)

Marriage ministry

Church council member

In 1986, as two naive (and very opposite!) twenty-somethings fell in love and got married in Indianapolis.

God had His work cut out for Him.

After healing their marriage 10 yrs later, they felt a radical call to France during a weekend with Loren Cunningham.

God gradually led them and their 3 children (via YWAM and mentoring friends) from Denver to their present 350 yr old home in a picturesque Alsatian village in 2004.

They are learning to rest and trust and laugh and linger at the table while serving a small, local (non-denominational) French church with huge vision.

They hope to be (dual) French citizens before they reach 60 and live long enough to see the kingdom of God manifest in tangible ways in France.

Angela’s roles have included:

Teaching/tutoring/babysitting/hosting children and youth

Regular communication with supporters and family

Marriage, single women & worship support

Creating French Sunday School curriculum

Hospitality for English-speaking visitors

Church building cleaning and decor

Inner healing (Bethel Sozo)


Church council member

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