This title will ring a bell for those who were tuned into rock n’ roll in the 70’s! I refer to the band called 3 Dog Night, taken from an aboriginal term for very cold temperatures, ’cause that’s what we are livin’ this winter in Europe. Apparently the Russians are toughing out averages of -50F, so I’m not complaining, mind you, but I thought it would be a good time to skip over the usual Christmas and New Years sentiments and discuss something more profound – like the weather.

And that brings us back to the cats. We thought the darlings would stay happily indoors all their life, but our boys tunneled out of the house at the first sign of spring and spent last summer hanging out across the street as the parking lot mascots. Then one day a waif of a kitten showed up who didn’t look neglected, but was terrified of human contact, and Chester and Kizzy did the right thing, coming from a good Christian home, and befriended it. In the meantime, Olivia, worried about the coming cold weather, worked patiently all during the fall to slowly gain her trust. Then on the first really cold night near Christmas, that cat actually crept through our front door and spent the next 2 days in kitty rehab.- sprawled out in a box, fluffing up nicely by the warmth of the water heater. Olivia was delirious with joy and a devoted caregiver, but “Gumdrop” soon felt the lure of street life again and dashed out as suddenly as she had come in. Then we were off to England and left wondering what would happen next, (which was a wonderful escapade!)

Gumdrop!Well, a month later, during a 3 Cat Weekend while David was out of town, Gumdrop decided to make herself at home. She’s esp. wary of David, and hadn’t dared to explore the upstairs until now. (It was very strange to see her taking the liberty of lounging on your bed and then running and hiding when you walk in!) The other two were busy stalking my make-up brush and proudly carrying freshly killed elastic hair bands around the house. We were relieved when it warmed up a bit this week and all 3 found more exciting outdoor activities – hopefully they are earning their keep protecting us from some pigeon carrying the bird flu that seems to be heading our way.

Seriously, I think God has sent us this cat as a picture of the French, who have an equally hard time believing that God is love and can be trusted. The horror stories I hear about cruel authority figures in the lives of so many French give me a good clue as to why they reject God – the ultimate authority figure! I asked my young neighbor across the street where she was spiritually, and her reply was that she was always a good Catholic… until her best friend committed suicide. Guess who got the blame? Clever how the evil one never gets blamed for evil in the real world. My neighbor seems to be a fearful person, and now she has even less to trust in… I hope we can talk more as warmer weather approaches.

Despite the cold, (we’ve nicknamed our attic “the Arctic Circle”) it’s been an encouraging winter so far! I’ve conquered my usual winter blues with the help of some hormones, and a church acquaintance just handed me money to join her Pilates class down the street for my back. My first session was divine!

I’ve also had a lot of fun with some creative projects lately – and that’s why you haven’t heard from me in awhile -this newsletter usually fulfills that need! Anyway, last month the school needed someone to re-design their big display booth and this month my living room is over-run with banners in different stages of completion. The directors are pleased with the timing, as they will brighten up the chateau in time for a Christian educator’s conference next weekend and the yearlong 20th anniversary celebration. I’ll post photos next month!

David has spent the winter juggling several tasks and has managed to do most of it via the computer – the warmest room in the house! His current projects include:

  • programming a registration database for the above-mentioned conference
  • coordinating a second visit by the American high school group that came last year
  • preparing for a 3rd trimester Jr. high worship workshop
  • putting finishing touches on the web site that he’s created for a YWAM ministry
  • compiling worship songs in French and German for the regional intercession team
  • coordinating a weekend intercession seminar in May
  • getting the computer to do what Rachel and I see in our heads for our various creative projects.

All our love!


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