We are still basking in Thanksgiving afterglow… It is priceless to be in a French Christian community where you are affirmed and blessed not only for what you do, but who you ARE as Americans, especially at this time of year. /span>

The highlight was today when I was complaining to the principal about the rule that you have to have a doctor’s excuse to return to school if you are absent more than 3 days. I didn’t think Olivia’s cough warranted a doctor visit, and didn’t want to spend the money to take her, but I wasn’t ready to send her back to school to cough on all her classmates, esp. with the cold temperatures. So I was asking if she could be exempt from this rule when he handed me an envelope and said, “Maybe this will help.” It was full of 20 euro bills given by all the teachers with a card of appreciation. We were bowled over, as none of our teachers are well paid, and I felt very appreciated!

Here are some more examples:

* Having French church friends wanting to wish us a happy Thanksgiving by bringing us wine, chocolates, a plant, and an advent wreath!

* Receiving a Thanksgiving e-card from a French YWAM family!

* Inviting a family from the school over for our Thanksgiving meal who think America must be a Christian’s paradise (compared to France,) and who felt very honored to share this meal with us as the only Americans they know!

* Seeing my English students look forward to their first taste of pumpkin pie, and helping them to make their first hand tracing of a turkey!

Here are some other November blessings:

* Being untouched by the riots that plagued the big cities this month.

* Learning that a major French TV station aired a completely unbiased French documentary on Christian evangelicals in America during prime time! (It included the testimony of a former motorcycle gang member on his bike, Christian lawyers graduating from Regents U, a successful bank run by Christian principles, a local police chief being prayed for before the work day, and the chastity movement among teens.) Our prayers are changing things!

* Receiving a notice stating that I had an overdue unpaid parking ticket that I knew nothing about and having the school secretary help me write a letter of defense. I included a check for original 11 euros fine, instead of the 33 euros they were demanding as penalty, and prayed as I stuck it in the mailbox. And I am happy to report that I got a letter back stating that they had accepted my payment! We take this as a sign of favor by officials that will lead to an improved visa status soon!

* Having American friends willing to run to the store or the post office to mail us items that we need in a short time frame, and pay for the postage!

* Hearing Noah’s teachers rave about what a great student he is in class, and him reading “The Black Stallion” in French without my help and even enjoying it, for the first time! (And it’s a good thing because he’s got 4 more book reports to go this year!) He turns 12 on Friday, if anyone would like to send wishes with an e-card! (

* Teaching my kindergarten music class their first English song (Rain, Rain, Go Away) and hearing them sing without the strong accent that my 9-11 year olds already have! (If you want to see their adorable faces and even cuter names, I’ve put their photo up on my web page.)

* Finding out that I have enough middle-schoolers signed up for my 5-week banner workshop that starts in a couple of weeks. (I was a bit deflated when no one signed up for the first trimester and it was affecting my confidence in front of them during our worship-leading times!)

* Having our friends in England pay for our plane fare to come for a visit on New Year’s Eve. We can’t wait to see them and the Narnia film on the big screen in English! (A friend gave the kids the stories on audio CDs, and they are still listening to them a year later. Olivia reports that thanks to “The Last Battle” CD she is no longer afraid of death. Wow! – Thanks Lil!)

* David and Rachel experiencing a smooth and satisfying trip to Berlin – see David’s blog for details and photos of this and other intercession activities this month!

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