Rejoice (and Pray) with Us!

With all due respect to our friends the Kendall’s in Albertville who have just had their first (real) child (yea!), please rejoice with us because…

We Just Got Our Visas For France!!!!!!

Well…we just got the call that they are in and ready for us at the French Consulate to pick up. Now the question is, are we ready for them!?

It has been kind of like a baby for us. One of the differences though being when Angela expected it and when I expected it. She had faith they would arrive soon and I…well…had less. But, we have been praying and God deserves all the credit for a miracle like this. We essentially received our long term visas for France in one month!That’s really unheard of. We have been preparing though…especially this week with some packing, but now we’ve really got a ton to do!

No, I don’t know exactly when we’re going but we’ll let you know that as soon as we do. We’ve still got quite a bit of logistical planning to do.

So, I’ll sign off now with an appeal for your support. Primarily that refers to prayers as we’ll all need them for the transition that is in front of us. Additionally, however, the actual cost of the move is likely to total in the $5,000 range. So, we thank in advance any who would like to give (see the “finances” link below) specifically towards this one-time expense of finally moving that Leigh family across The Channel for good! ;c)

More to come soon!

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