Leaving Paisley!


…we’re leaving! Those of you who only know of our activities via this newsletter may be surprised to hear that I’m typing this in our house in Paisley, Scotland right now. Yes, our visas (specifically the kids’ visas) were not ready at the French Consulate until today!It’s been an up-and-down wait for us and we’re very ready to get on a roller-coaster that actually goes somewhere!

I’d give you a rundown of our activities while waiting, but, frankly…it’s pretty boring. Instead here’s our itinerary for the next several days:

Wednesday:Pick up passports in Edinburgh and pack!

Thursday:Load up, drive to Edinburgh (again) and get on an overnight (17-18 hours) ferry to Zeebrugge, Belgium

Friday:Drive to Paris

Saturday:Drive to Albertville

Sunday:Unpack and strap in!

Monday:Launch into life in France!

I think it’s finally safe to say that our next correspondence will come from France!

Umm…excuse me…I have some packing to do! Talk with you soon!


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