Impatient in Paisley…

Hi Everyone!

If getting to France feels like waiting for a baby to be born, today would have been the due date! Yes, we are reassured that we will get official permission to come and study, but there have been unexplainable delays in getting the official stamp from Paris back to our official in Edinburgh. Fortunately, the school reassures us that it is no problem to start a week late, but I ache for the kids having to start behind everyone else.

But the delay has given us the kind of time we needed to re-create our family website, and also to make it easier to keep updated. It’s amazing how quickly a site can get stale! Rachel created much of the kid’s pages, and I’ve asked her to write a short essay on her page each month to give everyone her perspective of this coming year. Olivia’s page will include her art because she draws on a daily basis! Noah will stick with photos, so have a look!

(Unfortunately, we changed web hosting companies as well and right now access to our site is, as they say here, “a bit dodgy” due to problems that company is having! – David)

We’ve also had the time to properly celebrate our 16th anniversary, and David passing his UK driving test!!!So last Sunday we made a last minute booking at a B&B on the Isle of Arran, (an hour by car to the coast followed by an hour-long ferry ride.) God gifted us with great weather, fabulous meals, and we even got the chance to see large seals up close, lounging on the beach rocks!

Finally, we offer a little brain teaser for our American readers to commemorate leaving the world of British English. David and I realize how helpful it will be to have this vocabulary because the rest of the world learns British as a second language, rather than American. Good French-English dictionaries are also based on British usage. We are empowered! (And you thought we hadn’t started language school yet!)

So “go on,” we dare you to translate these phrases listed from easiest to hardest! (answers follow)

1.Whilst she played with Lego, I did maths, and tucked into a fairy cake.

2.After being made redundant, he was arrested for drink-driving at the kerb.

3.“That’s you,” said the barber after trimming my fringe.

4.The joiner found a cashpoint when the till refused his switch card.

5.After a day of DIY, I was shattered, and scheduled a lie-in in my diary.

6.(Grocery ad) Stop Press! Slimming? Courgettes and mangetout on sale today!

1.While she played with Legos, I did math and ate a cupcake.

2.After being layed-off, he was arrested for drunk-driving at the curb.

3.“You’re all done”, said the barber after trimming my bangs.

4.The carpenter found an ATM when the register refused his debit card.

5.After a day of (Do It Yourself) home repair, I was exhausted and scheduled a day in bed in my day-timer.

6.Stop the presses! On a diet? Zucchini and snowpeas (borrowing from French) on sale today!


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