June Musings

In honor of our spring fling to the U.S., Angela writes our June newsletter, inspired by the patriotic song, “America…”

O beautiful, for spacious skies…

We thank God for cheap tickets, being able to get from our front door in Paisley to David’s parent’s front door in Indianapolis in 20 hr., safely and smoothly. Thank you, Jim and Florence for putting up with us and our mountain of stuff!

For amber waves of grain…

We thank God that David and I were both raised in the same city of the corn belt, where we share good memories, and where most of our immediate family lives, making connections easy.

For purple mountain majesties…

We thank God for our other support circle in sunny Denver, where friendships developed in the midst of having babies. Thank you Dave and Tanya, for making us so comfortable in your home for 4 whole weeks!.

Above the fruited plain…

We are also thankful for this city where our marriage has become so fruitful. It was such an encouragement to attend the MMI conference and meet so many other committed couples while there!

America, America, God shed His grace on thee…

We thank God that we are citizens of a country where almost any earthly want or need can be filled. The kids got saturated with kid TV, I took care of clothing needs, and David stocked up on 2 yr. worth of his favorite deodorant! But the best thing was that we got nearly every day covered on our monthly prayer calendar!

And crown thy good with brotherhood, From sea to shining sea!

It’s so good to be back in Europe! 9 friends greeted us at the gate with flowers, groceries and a hot meal. Also our church here in Scotland made us feel very welcome when we returned. The pastor even announced that they would be supporting us when we leave for France. We don’t know the details yet, but that is a tremendous blessing!

We’ve spent much of the last 3 weeks preparing to leave our house in someone else’s hands for the next year, in the form of cleaning out, weeding, re-organizing, and repairing. David is also taking driving lessons to prepare for passing the test, and doing all the paperwork necessary to get a student visa in France. I am devouring my U.S.-bought books, doing a thorough and consistent job of homeschooling, and maintaining a daily devotional life. Hallelujah!

I leave you with David now to take care of some important business… Angela

Our church home in Colorado has finally completed their physical move and has a new name. From now on, please send your support checks to:

New Hope Church

5255 West Warren Avenue

Denver, CO 80227

Remember to make out your check to “NEW HOPE CHURCH” and enclose a note indicating that the check is for the Leigh family. Please toss any old “Lakewood South Foursquare Church” labels and reply immediately if you would like us to send you updated ones for New Hope!

We’ve also had a new portrait made of the family. Let us know if you haven’t gotten one, and would like one! To see it online, follow this link: FamilyFranceFlag.jpg

Finally, we’d like to let you know about two new ways that you can support us financially if you’re already shopping on the internet.

1.iGive” – iGive is a way for a percentage of your online purchases to be given to a charity of your choice. Our Colorado church, New Hope, has agreed to forward any proceeds that they receive through iGive on to us. So, read more about it and sign up, follow this link:


(Note: I encourage you to download the iGive Shopping Window. It makes this whole process nearly invisible while shopping.)

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