In Denver!

Greetings from Denver!

We’ve had a wonderful trip home so far. We’ve had very, very rich time with family and friends in Indianapolis and have now driven half-way across the country to Denver, Colorado. I don’t want to make this a lengthy update, but just wanted to let the Colorado folks know that we are here!

We’re anxious to see as many of you as possible and are working to try and have a gathering of some sort for that. As some of you may remember from earlier updates, we had Angela’s address book stolen when we were in England in January. So, if you’re in the Colorado area, please email us and let us know your number and we’ll give you a call and try and set something up. We’re here until May 6th but the last week we’ll be in a conference most of the week.

Finally, just wanted to let you know that I’ve updated our web site (a little) with some new pictures from our last Outreach in England and France. You can find them here.

Can’t wait to see you all!

God Bless,

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