15-Oct-2000 Itinerary Update

Hello all!
Just a brief update to let you all know the slight change in our itinerary. We’re coming back a few days earlier so we’ve changed some things beginning with Nov 15th-on.

Much more is “set” now and that’s nice (although I’m sure God has some surprises up His sleeve). We’re not completely covered (literally) for every night of lodging yet, so your prayers are certainly welcome there. Additionally, it looks like the money is coming in for everyone who needs it so we’re praising God that everyone is going. Some are stepping out in “financial faith” as not all of it is accounted for just yet, but God knows all these and other details.

We leave in the morning and we all have many packing details to complete…not to mention still reaching contacts in France for other details.

We’ll try and keep you all posted as we go…pray all Internet connections work!!!


Here is the updated itinerary:

Mon 16/10 Travel To: London
Tue 17/10 London
Wed 18/10 London
Thu 19/10 Travel To: Normandy
Fri 20/10 Normandy
Sat 21/10 Normandy
Sun 22/10 Normandy
Mon 23/10 Normandy
Tue 24/10 Normandy
Wed 25/10 Normandy
Thu 26/10 Normandy
Fri 27/10 Travel To: Paris
Sat 28/10 Paris
Sun 29/10 Paris
Mon 30/10 Paris
Tue 31/10 Paris
Wed 01/11 Paris
Thu 02/11 Paris
Fri 03/11 Paris
Sat 04/11 Travel To: Lille
Sun 05/11 Lille
Mon 06/11 Lille
Tue 07/11 Lille
Wed 08/11 Lille
Thu 09/11 Lille
Fri 10/11 Lille
Sat 11/11 Travel To: Troyes
Sun 12/11 Travel To: Cluny
Mon 13/11 Cluny
Tue 14/11 Travel To: St. Paul
Wed 15/11 Travel To: Nice
Thu 16/11 Nice
Fri 17/11 Nice
Sat 18/11 Nice
Sun 19/11 Nice
Mon 20/11 Nice
Tue 21/11 Travel To: Lyon
Wed 22/11 Travel To: Paris
Thu 23/11 Travel To: ?Bromley?
Fri 24/11 Travel To: Paisley

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