Planning for France

We’re still don’t have our lodging in place, but we believe that we have gotten some direction from the Lord for our outreach itinerary to France, and we are passing that on to help you pray more effectively, since internet connection may be spotty. Here are our requests for our team of 19 traveling around France in 3 vehicles:

  • Provision – There are still a few in our number who are waiting on the finances for this trip, and we still need to find affordable lodging.
  • Protection – Both physically (accident, injury, sickness) and spiritually (as much as we think God wants us going, we’re sure that the devil is not quite as happy about it)
  • Wisdom – There are a myriad of choices we’ll be making on this trip and we want to make God’s choices.
  • Humility – We know there will be inevitable conflicts among us and we desire humility, love and forgiveness to be hallmarks of our team and of our trip. Additionally, we want to be humble toward others that we come into contact with.
  • Strategy – We consider this trip a prayer journey and we want our prayers to  line up with God’s strategy for that place.

Our itinerary:

16-Oct: Drive to London from Paisley

17-18 Oct: London (St Paul’s cathedral, etc.)

19-Oct: Drive to Portsmouth; Ferry to Cherbourg

20-26 Oct: Normandy (WW2 spiritual parallels)

27 Oct-4 Nov: Paris area (Joan of Arc)

4-10 Nov – Lille: Heart for France conference with Martin Scott

11-Nov: Troyes

12-13 Nov: Cluny abbey

14-15 Nov: St. Paul-Trois-Chateaux (YWAM base)

16-23 Nov: Nice (Gage’s outdoor church, prayer-walking)

24 Nov: Drive to Lyon

25 Nov: Drive to Paris

26 Nov: Drive to Zeebrugge, Belgium; take overnight ferry to Kingston-upon-Hull


27-Nov: Drive back to Paisley

At the end, we will have covered nearly 3500 miles and will have gained a wealth of experience. Hopefully will have also tapped into God’s heart for France, as well as how He wants to change OUR hearts!

Bless you!

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