To My Valentine

We met with our Love After Marriage couples this weekend and handed out 55 different ways to celebrate Valentine’s Day organized under the five different love languages. (I’d include them in this newsletter, but it’s in French!) By checking the ideas that each one likes the best, they discovered their love languages if they hadn’t already. Then they had time to discuss their differences and how best to celebrate this year. Afterwards, the husbands have something concrete to refer to for future special occasions!

The American celebration of Valentine’s Day is very different from the French, which is reserved for lovers only and focuses more on "eros" than "phileo" love. It was a revelation for one couple to realize that this holiday could be sanctified and redeemed for married couples! It was a big hit, esp. with tables for two set up with heart-shaped candles and cheesecake brownies to enjoy during their discussions.

I already know that one of David’s love languages is "words of affirmation," so I’m going to do just that in this newsletter as my Valentine gift to him.

"27 Reasons Why I Love David After 27 Years of Marriage"

DavidSingsAtOurWedding1 Our combination of strengths and weaknesses make us a good team.

As a worshipper, he is living out his Biblical namesake as he brings people into  God’s presence when he plays and sings.

I admired him behind the drum kit at age 14 and I still do!

He has a good reputation and has never burned a bridge.

He lets me know that he is still attracted to me.

He does not take for granted everything I do for him.

He is constantly deepening his knowledge of things that are important to our family and our mission.

He grew up in one house and dislikes change, yet was willing to move 5 times in 6 years with 3 kids in tow in order to be where God wanted us.

He has given up job security and grown in his faith in God as provider.

He manages our little world of international finance without getting grumpy and has kept us debt-free for the last several years.

He has always paid the tithe first and given generously beyond that. (Thank you to his parents for being role-models!)

He knows how to put his own wants on hold and make do until God provides.

He can handle any computer crisis.

He buys me flowers when I’m low.DavidReadsWithKids

He has taken the kids (plus other’s kids) to school almost every weekday for the last 10 years, allowing me to stay in bed.

He tells his children regularly that he loves them and is proud of them.

He has modeled the love of Father God accurately to our children so that they have few hindrances in their own relationship with Him.

He prays over me regularly and blesses my spirit and body.

He is not comfortable when we are disconnected and is quick to reconcile disputes.

He has washed the dishes by hand almost every day since we left our dishwasher in America.

He can make me laugh in 2 languages.

He is in active pursuit of his dreams, visions, and personal growth.

He helps me see the bigger picture, the cup half full, and other points of view.

He is vulnerable and transparent with me in every area of his life.

He is slow and steady, dependable and thoughtful.

I can always spot him in a crowded room.

He has made my dreams come true.

"Agape" love to all of you,


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