To Germany With Love

ich_liebe_deutschland_keychainThis fall our focus is clearly on our neighbor Germany, and this is not a fluke. Intercessors who focus on healing the land see Germany (the Fatherland) and France (the Motherland) as the keys to the wholeness of Europe. Germany has been an abusive father in the past, causing France to resemble a struggling single mother played out socially, economically and spiritually. Each of us had a part to play in working to restore the "marriage" between these two countries last month, and what a great fit with our calling!

David spent a week with YWAMers in Berlin mid-month prayer-walking with local intercessors for specific issues related to the city. (You can read his fascinating report here.) The interesting connection was that Oceane’s aunt stayed with me while he was gone (to attend parent/teacher meetings) and I was able to witness the painful dysfunction between her and Oceane, a perfect picture of the image of fatherless France.

A few days after his return, I was driven to a church near Stuttgart to introduce the Sozo ministry. When our leaders travelled to minister in the past without intercessors on-site, they suffered a lot of physical and emotional attack before, during, and after the trip. It was also too heavy to give the training and also offer personal ministry. So this time they brought a whole team of trusted friends along.

On the main day of our teaching, Oct. 27th, it snowed all day a beautiful prophetic sign of healing for the church. My role was to give personal Sozos during the seminar and 6 out of the 7 people scheduled got a breakthrough in intimacy with the Godhead, including the woman who hosted me and my translator! I give much of the credit to our 3 intercessors who kept the heavens open for us. As the pastor prayed for our team before we led the Sunday morning service, I felt strongly like I was joining Paul in his travels among the early churches. We all walked in our different gifts with no pressure of performance: driving, preaching, translating, teaching, healing, worshipping, praying, prophesying and laughing! It was a light and joyful 4 days. What a great picture of the body of Christ (and need I mention the spiritual impact of a Franco-American team coming in humility to minister to the Germans?)

And now it is sweet Olivia’s turn. On Sunday she will take an all-day train trip with her other classmate to Vienna for 3 weeks of German language immersion, living with a family and attending a small Christian school that she fell in love with last year during a class trip. It has been a huge battle to organize this trip for only 2 students, so we can only guess that the enemy is nervous for some reason that we are not yet aware of!

But wait! The German connections continue: My trusted dentist is German and last month after finishing my 2nd crown, she asked me if she could come to my house weekly for an hour of English conversation in anticipation of a visit to Australia to see her daughter for Christmas! So combined with the Sozos, it is the Germans who have been making up the support drop this month and provision is a vital role of the father!

Visiting in July 2011The other connection is with our beloved German YWAM leaders from our DTS in 1999. In the last 2 summers, we have reconnected with them and their children when they started vacationing in France by caravan. Their oldest daughter wants to improve her French and become a teacher and she fell in love with the chateau and bonded with Olivia. So we have just agreed for her to start applying for a year abroad, living with us while interning at our school with the German/art teacher! What a contrast she would be from Oceane, as a girl from the Fatherland growing up loved by her father in a vibrant Christian community!

Other news not related to Germany will just have to wait until next month!

Love, Angela

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