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Noah graduates from BFAWith Rachel and Noah graduating well in June, I decided to borrow this theme by recounting our summer trip back to the States graduation-style. Here’s a roll call of all those who made it possible for all 5 us to enjoy a vacation together of this length for the first time in 5 years. It was wonderful…

(Cue "Pomp and Circumstance") May we present…

David’s parents: for financing our airfare, arranging our deluxe accommodations in Indy, bringing our family together, and feeding us when we were too tired to feed ourselves!

D.J. C., Marguerite & Heinz W., the Garrys, Bread of Life church, and our regular supporters: for erasing financial pressure throughout our 6 weeks with their gifts. 

Tom and Wendy L.: for generously loaning us their car for our road trip out west and hosting a warm reunion of David’s best friends in their home.

Debbie K.: for picking me up at the Denver airport, driving me to the missionary women’s retreat and treating me to lunch, while still recovering from cancer surgery. God bless her!

The Hundreds of Women behind the retreat: for making me feel so valued and honored with 4 days of worship, sharing, gifts, and pampering at a 4-star hotel.

Brian and Vanessa S.: for celebrating the 4th together while providing free Marriott lodging in Kansas for David and the kids.

Keith and Annie T.: for giving us their master bedroom, a gourmet dinner, hosting an open house for us, and a trip to Costco in Denver! 

Mom and Dad: for helping finance the trip, letting us invade their house in NM, outfitting Rachel’s new house with cool stuff, and being super grandparents while we flew to CA.

Bethel Church: for creating an extraordinary atmosphere in Redding, CA for physical and marital healing!!

The Timkins: for providing 3 beautiful bedrooms and 2 delicious meals to us as strangers at the end of our road trip in St. Louis (through a missionary care organization.)

Don and Phyllis L.: for their heart for European missions shown by opening their home and lives to us in Indy for 3 whole weeks!

The Najmon Family: for a wonderful evening on their farm and for adopting Noah into their family for the coming year.

Goodwill: for providing "new" clothes for the whole family in a very pleasant atmosphere!

Bill and Katrina D.: for being intentional in getting to know each other over crab cakes on the reservoir!

Bread of Life Church: for embracing and supporting our family in so many special ways! Here’s to future partnerships!

Fred and Rosie F.: for buying lunch and bearing gifts, in anticipation of their next French class visit!

Wal-Mart: for 24/7 availability and providing quicker and cheaper eye and foot care for David and Olivia than in France!

Nancy F.: for giving up an evening to give us 3 free haircuts while catching up – we looked great for the wedding!

Jason and Brittany H.: for (inadvertently) scheduling their beautiful ceremony when we could all attend – this was the kids’ first family wedding and dancing all together during the reception was a highlight!

The Hanna Family: for coming to work at and bless our school, taking good care of our house and cats, and housing us in Wheaton for the wedding in return!

Steve H.: for great Chicago pizza and taking the time to share his life and career in Christian media with us!

Mike and Sarah M.: for a Le Peep breakfast, the scoop on Christian radio and catching up on 20 years!

My brother Brock and Cheri: for loaning us a car for 2 weeks and saving the day with an extra suitcase to get everything back to France!

David’s sister Jane and Rick: for organizing their lives around our visit and especially for welcoming Noah into their home for his freshman year. It was easier to say goodbye knowing that he is in good hands!

Ginna and Ed L.: for our final Cracker Barrel family moment together…

Rachel graduates from AIWhat can I say? God bless America! It was so refreshing to come and receive, getting filled up so that we can start giving out again when ministry life starts here in Sept. I want to especially thank our kids for making this a very joyous transition time for their mother!

The one thing that didn’t happen was finding new supporters to off-set a $450 monthly drop in giving. Do any of our readers feel led in joining us in our French adventure? If so, check out our Support page for details!

Back-to-school news next month!

Love, Angela

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