All Saints Photo Souvenirs

I know France has gotten a lot of negative press lately, but we feel far removed from it in our little corner. October has been filled with wonderful inner healing sessions twice a week and making sure my cleaning moms are in place and appreciated. David has been actively trying to work less and create more margins in daily life for God to move. Now we are in the middle of our 2-week fall school break and it has been full of Kodak moments! So this month I’m replacing a wordy newsletter with a mini-photo album.

My last surviving grandparent died this month at the age of 100. Rachel represented us well at the funeral. He was a traveling evangelist and pastor and I enjoyed his unconditional love as a child. Here he is at 58 when I was 6 and they kept my brother and I on occasional weekends that usually included a paddle boat ride at the local lake in Valparaiso, IN.
We also said “Adieu” to a Scottish missionary couple that were in limbo here 8 months until their org. got them a place in Paris. Shona felt like a soulmate and her talented husband found time to help me with some frustrating areas of the house. We blessed them with an open house and considering that our home has zero traffic flow, it worked out that only 1/2 of the 20 invited families came! My typical American fall treats were all new to the French – even the hot apple cider!

Speaking of Scotland, an old friend that we worked with in YWAM Paisley came through one weekend while he was in France for work. He’s also a great handyman and managed to re-do the flooring in our toilet in one day. It has made a huge difference in this space until we can get rid of it, and removed all of my shame!!

Our eagerly anticipated friends, the Richards, landed this month and are still waiting on phone/Internet 3 weeks later. Here’s a shot of them sucking from our wireless connection. Janet is supporting our inner healing team and Rusty is a creative catalyst and not-too-busy to hang out friend for David. Unfortunately they have to go back in Jan. to apply for a more permanent visa.
Since Halloween/All Saints’ day is a 3-day weekend in Germany and France, it’s the one weekend Noah likes to come home before Christmas. Since we never like his school portrait and he avoids the dorm camera, we did a photo session before we took him back to capture his changing face before he turns 17 in a few weeks!

This same weekend, our church also had their second annual “Holy Spirit activation” weekend for the kids and they culminated it by doing the entire service on Sunday. It was beautiful.

So while the French flock to the cemeteries with chrysanthemums to honor the dead on Nov.1, this is my way of honoring all the everyday saints that are supporting us here in so many ways.

Till next month,

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