Almost Twenty Questions

The last 2 months have been such a hodge-podge of events that a running theme has been impossible to nail down. What better way to pique your curiosity and get all the news out than with a little quiz? Questions are roughly in chronological order. Good luck.

1. What did Olivia’s French science teacher do with the rabbit after dissecting it with her class?
Take it home and eat it, of course!
2. What has Angela been doing every Tues. afternoon since the last newsletter?
Continuing to talk and pray with her neighborhood friend, who has also joined her fitness class! The best part is that since she is Libyan/British, she and her family can also borrow and benefit from our English Christian books and films.
3. The Leighs hosted several people in the last 2 months, ranging from one meal to a 2 week’s stay. Who was NOT included in this list?
  • our pastor and his son
  • Noah (on his spring break)
  • a French class from Peoria
  • 2 Amish brothers from Lancaster
  • our favorite babysitter from Denver
  • the church couple on our worship team
  • an American senior student teaching at an international school in Germany
    Our favorite babysitter from Denver. She actually is hoping to come in late June.
4. What has proven to be the greatest threat to lice survival on Olivia’s head?
Mayonnaise. Thank you, Mary, for helping us see the light at the end of the hair shaft!
5. What award-winning film did Angela and David see with free passes to celebrate her 47th birthday?
Slumdog Millionaire – we really appreciated seeing spiritual truth presented in a creative way: that God uses all that life throws at us for our good.
6. Why is it impossible to celebrate a birthday properly on a Sunday?
Because while this is a popular day for a family movie outing in France, everything else, including nice restaurants, are closed for the sabbath, even in a big city!
7. How far did the Leighs have to drive to renew their passports?
We drove 2 hours to Bern, the Swiss capital.
8. Why were they so rudely refused at the embassy and how did they salvage the day?
We were told that they only process Swiss residents and to go to Geneva. (It looks like we might not have to go any further than Strasbourg in the end.) We recovered while enjoying my belated birthday meal, witnessing a doctor’s strike/protest(!), savoring a Starbucks, visiting Einstein’s apt., where he developed his theory of relativity while working at the local patent office, and buying hot dogs and Daims at IKEA for dinner on the way home.
9. How did the Leighs make the Holy week holier this year?
We learned how to make palm crosses on Palm Sunday, and Angela created a journal for the week for everyone with a passage of scripture to meditate on and pray over each day. The night before Easter we had 2 free tickets to attend Bach’s Saint John’s Passion at Olivia’s music school (in the setting of their ancient abbey sanctuary with perfect acoustics.) It is sung in German, but Olivia’s 3 years of German meant that she could translate at least 1/2 of it!
10. What Easter main dish did Angela cook for the first time this year?
A leg of lamb – it turned out great, served 5 people, and there were still leftovers!
11. Who were the last-minute honored guests (see question #3 for choices!)
The pastor and his youngest son, who were ALONE and had NO invitation for Easter dinner!!
12. What is now in Angela’s mouth that cost as much as a plane ticket back to the States?
They aren’t any cheaper here – a porcelain crown.
13. What certificate is Angela currently working towards on-line?
Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages (TESOL), and getting good grades too. Should be done in a couple of weeks.
14. How did David get more mileage out of Olivia’s blessing ceremony last weekend?
He gave a sermon for our Sat. night service on the topic of blessing and lots of people came forward for prayer afterwards. Here’s proof that he can speak French…
15. Who is David working with under his new right-to-work status ?
A South African family with whom we became friends 7 years ago in language school is living and working a few hours away. Pierre is trying to make a living with web commerce and recently lost his IT help. David has agreed maintain his web sites, dedicated web server and the business functions that run on it on a part-time basis while continuing the “worship and technology” ministry at school and church.
16. What famous person opened a restaurant in our village recently?
The former personal chef for Jacques Chirac – now Soultz is really worth a visit!
18. And the final French culture question for an extra bonus point:
What do French McDonald’s employees say when they have to bring your sandwich to your table?
“Bon appétit!” (and never, “Sorry for the wait!”)

Thanks for playing!
Love, Angela

Bern surrounded by the Aare River

Easter Weekend

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