The Summer Review

Family Blessings

The Leigh’s summer started off with a bang on June 29th with the visit of Chris, their 24 yr. old niece. As an interior design student, seeing European architecture in person was a thrill, and the Leighs were equally thrilled to have a family member participate in the 20th anniv. school fete!Our House A generous gift from her Sunday school class enabled the Leighs to buy paint and flowers to brighten up the facade. Angela admits, “It gives me great joy to own the prettiest house on the street!”

Just a few days after Chris’ departure, Rachel turned 17 with the family at a beautiful abbey/restaurant in the countryside. Rachel claims that it was her best birthday ever, as readers responded to the request in our May issue and all her boarding school needs were met, including a new computer!

August Activities

David and Rachel took off on the day of their departure to walk the last third of a 450-mile prayer walk of the borders of Alsace, a concept based on Joshua 1:3, and loosely organized by our church. The heat wave was replaced by many consecutive days of rain, but David states, “The walk was everything I thought it would be and more – physically challenging, relationally rich, and spiritually stretching.”

Shown here: Five different nationalities stopping at a spiritually strategic place for prayer in the Vosges mountains.Praying during Les Marches d'Alsace

The remainder of August was filled with child care in exchange for free home repair and preparing Rachel for boarding school. Her parents moved her in one week ago, and it was clear when they left her 5 hrs. later that this was the best choice. As anticipated, she is finding her classes relatively easy as compared to her European courses, and she feeling very at home surrounded by caring staff and missionary kids.

Rachel's 17th B-Day

A short week later, David’s parents arrived, along with his sister and brother-in-law, and the worldwide heat wave. With only minimal to non-existent air conditioning, the only escape was a welcome one – a planned excursion to Normandy. The Leigh children experienced their first swim in the ocean on a perfect day at Omaha beach, Uncle Rick drank in all the WW2 sites, and Grandma got to see Mont St. Michel – a dream come true. Aunt Jane commented, “Seeing you in your surroundings will help me pray for you more effectively.”

Coming up in next month’s issue: “Only in France.” Any letters to the editor may also be included with the reader’s permission.

Teacher meetings were scheduled during Angela and David’s 20th anniversary, so their celebration will consist of signing up for a country dance class that meets weekly in the village for the year. They will not be hosting a student this year, and with Rachel’s absence and fewer classes to teach, it will be a lighter year, allowing them to give some much needed attention to their marriage.

Noah looks forward to an improved 7th grade year: no detailed book reports, no swimming class, continued archery at a more competitive level, and added extra-curricular classes on science topics especially created for this physicist-to-be.

Olivia is a little more concerned, as this will be a year with the creatively-challenged fifth grade teacher. However, he is the gentle father of one of her best friends, so a trust is already established. For the interested reader, there are new photos of her favorite summer moments posted on her web page:

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