Vive Les Vacances!

We are ready for summer after a gray, rainy, depressing April-May! Life has been lighter for all of us this past month and that explains why you’re getting this newsletter now and not a month ago! Here were the joys of June:

  • The finale of the year was the big school fête!This is an amazing combination of fund-raiser, cookout, carnival, and talent show. (And it beat the public school fêtes that we’ve attended hands down!) I ran a used children’s book stand and David helped out with sound and musical accompaniment. In a musical tribute to Europe, Noah represented France and Olivia was Greece, and Rachel joyfully contributed her musical talents throughout. 12 hours of fun in the sun!
  • The children finished a wonderful academic year last week. Olivia has already made her own calendar so that she can count the days until school starts up again. Noah is excited about starting middle school because that means he will start learning more complex science topics! (He is so done with categorizing plants and animals!) Rachel just finished her two 8hr. days of those daunting Brevet tests and they were a breeze! She is now looking forward to 10th grade by correspondence (to catch up on her academic English) and her junior and senior years at Black Forest Academy- an American MK school in Germany. David and I had a great time getting the middle-schoolers to worship creatively each week for their chapel time. The teachers shared yesterday that the students really benefited from this time and they appreciate our commitment and enthusiasm. We look forward to doing even more next year.
  • We hosted 2 British prophets last week who intercede for cities. They came to help us better pray for our region and were such a wonderful encouragement to us as a family. 
  • For $700/month you too can get a kitchen of this size in Paris (5th floor - no elevator)I got to escape to Paris to see my French friend (Corinne) and an old American friend (both of 20 yrs.) on the same trip. What a gift it was on so many levels: financially, the 3 days and nights were covered by friends; spiritually, I had more time to talk with Corinne about her spiritual questions; emotionally, I was able to shake off the roles of wife, mother, and teacher for a few days and just be “me” again. Hallelujah!
  • God continues to take care of us with weekly financial miracles. We are still living with our “visitor” status, which means we still don’t have the right to work, nor receive the government benefits that everyone else does to counter the high cost of living. So we remain very dependent on the Lord for now, esp. this month (July) when our bills come in demanding $2000 more than usual. Hallelujah!
  • We have our new website on-line! Same address, new look, and updated! I even have my own page now!
  • Happy 4th to all our American friends! We’re very excited that we’ll get to see some summer fireworks for the first time in 5 years in a couple of weeks (Britain does theirs in the winter!) July will be chock-full of other good things as well (see our web calendar.) Can’t wait to tell you all about them!

Angela and family

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