David’s Dossier Declassified


Since our last newsletter, David bravely took on several challenging assignments back-to-back, while Angela kept the home fires burning. Let’s review his files, shall we?

Feb. 15-24, 2005 Soultz

OBJECTIVE:Rescue a group of 16 Midwestern Christian high school Americans with 6 chaperons, whose plans fell through for their first week of a 3-week missions trip to France in March.
REPORT:Vacation plans were set aside, and a week in the Alsace region was organized for them for Mar. 5-12.
RESULTS:David rediscovered (from Scotland outreach days) the frustrating and challenging world of group travel planning in Europe on a budget and in three languages! Experience to build on?

Feb. 24-26, 2005 Berlin

OBJECTIVE:Represent the U.S. at a gathering that is part of a process to deal with the injustices caused by the Berlin-Congo Conference in 1884 where European nations (and the U.S.) gathered to divide Africa into colonies with no African representation.
REPORT:Whirlwind trip via “Planes, Trains, Automobiles, & Subways” and again, in 3 languages with profound times of repentance and connection.
RESULTS:David made valuable contacts in Germany and continued to further attune his heart towards the issues in Europe and Africa caused by this travesty 120 years ago. He was impacted by the imposing weight of history in this city that he’s never felt anywhere else. This trip prepares him for the final meeting in November in Berlin, when he wants to take Rachel with him as well as several of the same interests are stirring in her heart. (Note: The kids now own their own pieces of the Berlin Wall, though the younger 2 need some more history to appreciate them!)

Feb. 29-Mar. 4, 2005 Guebwiller

OBJECTIVE:Lead the worship times for 40 attendees of a conference with French prophet Pierre-Daniel Martin.
REPORT:Led 7 hours of worship in 4.3 days along with Swiss pianist Micaël Chevalley.
RESULTS:Apart from the 2 broken strings, a hoarse voice and deep fatigue, this was an intense week for David. David and Micaël were both blessed to be used by God as instruments as HE led already hungry worshipers in some intense times of worship. We also received much confirmation and direction about future ministry.

Mar. 5-12, 2005 Guebwiller, Strasbourg, & Kandern, Germany

OBJECTIVE:Supervise the American group: meet at arrival and departure, provide housing and meals, coordinate to various locations, arrange activities, and help solve problems as they arise.
REPORT:The group gave their testimonies and performed mimes at Collège Daniel, spent time at a public high school, spent time at a boarding school for missionary kids, did clean-up in a the home of a missionary couple with a flooded basement, prayed in the courtyard of the European parliament, and delivered flyers in a Muslim neighborhood to advertise a debate between an Imam and a Christian theology professor.
RESULTS:Every event went smoothly, and it was a very fulfilling experience to make sure that Americans were welcomed in France for the sake of the building the kingdom and continuing the work of reconciliation. The public high school even wants to organize future exchanges. We were blessed by their great attitudes and appreciation, and they brought much material blessing to us as well!

In April, we’ll share some more culture shock in order to help you celebrate (American) National Library Month, among other things, with greater appreciation!

Till then,
David and Angela

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