Rare mid-month update and time-sensitive prayer request

Dear friends,
I think this may be the first time I’ve written with a call for specific prayer that is somewhat time-sensitive.

A “wee” bit of background. We’re part of an arm in YWAM called Family Ministries. There is a group of people in YWAM Switzerland who are wanting to really launch YWAM Family Ministries in French- speaking Europe. They feel that they have found a property/facility to house their activities. It is located in the Swiss town of Montcherand, a few kilometers from the French border, northwest of Lausanne. From this facility, they hope to concentrate on ministering to the particular needs of families…beginning in 2002.

The facility is owned by a Christian organization and has been up for sale for over a year…the asking price is about £1million ($1.5 million). YWAM is asking to rent the facility for 5 years by paying the costs of running the place only. The owners are open to YWAM’s offer but obviously would love to sell as well. YWAM has asked for a decision from the owners by the beginning of December and is beginning some specific discussions with them and a real estate agent tomorrow.

What does this have to do with us or you? Well, we’ve been in contact with the family who is leading this Family Ministries effort in Switzerland and are praying about taking an outreach team from this FDTS there in Jan-Feb to help work on the house if they get it. Additionally, our family is praying about whether there is some future for us there after our FDTS is over. So, we’re keenly interested in what happens with this house.

Related to this somewhat is an MMI UK/Europe conference that Angela and I are attending in the South of England this coming weekend (Thanksgiving). Another couple with YWAM Switzerland, involved in Family Ministries and also in MMI will be there. We look forward to talking and praying with them about the future. Angela and I are really looking forward to the get-away as well!

BOTTOM LINE – This is a period in the next few weeks where we really want to see God move and reveal “next steps” for: Family Ministries in French-Speaking Europe FDTS Outreach direction Post-FDTS Leigh family direction in YWAM and MMI

Please pray for God’s wisdom and provision in all these areas so that He may be glorified and His Kingdom expanded.

Finally, I want to say that I’m very excited that about 1/3 of our month is covered in daily prayer support. Thank you to those of you who have responded. There’s still 2/3’s of a month open though! So, if you’d like to pray for us one or more days a month, please let us know and we’ll add you to the list. I’d like to see that fully going by December. We feel that your prayer support is vital to the next steps we’ll be taking!

Bless you all!

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