What it does
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Mp3Merge is ridiculously simple.

All that Mp3Merge does is use the DOS "copy" command with the "/b" (binary) switch to copy two mp3 files together.  It does this for each of the files in the list and thus achieves a "merge" of the mp3 files in the list.

For example you could type in the following on a DOS command line and achieve the same thing (or put them in a .bat file, of course):

Copy /b "c:\file01.mp3" "c:\mergedfile.mp3"
Copy /b "c:\mergedfile.mp3"+"c:\file02.mp3" "c:\mergedfile.mp3"
Copy /b "c:\mergedfile.mp3"+"c:\file03.mp3" "c:\mergedfile.mp3"
Copy /b "c:\mergedfile.mp3"+"c:\file04.mp3" "c:\mergedfile.mp3"

So, now mergedfile.mp3 simply has file01.mp3, file02.mp3, file03.mp3 and file04.mp3 concatenated together.

Mp3Merge simply helps you gather those files together and executes the command for you. That's all!