Typical use sequence
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Your basic steps to use Mp3Merge would be as follows:

1.   Click the Add button
2.   Choose your files to merge and click "open" - they are added to the list
3.   Remove any files you don't want via selecting the row(s) and right-clicking and choosing "remove selected files from the list" - they are removed
4.   Do any re-ordering of the list that you wish.  This is either a 1 or 2-part process.  You can simply click on the header columns to alternate between ascending and descending order of the list via that column.  Alternatively or more granularly, you can right-click on a row, choose "change the order of this item" from the context menu, type a new order number that corresponds with where you want the file to fall in the numerical order of the "Order" column and then click the header of the "Order" column to complete the sorting process.
5.   Type in an output file name or use the "Browse" button to navigate to a file.  The Browse button follows the current working directory by default.  This is an assumption that the series of Mp3 files to merge are named in such a way that one simply has to remove a sequence number and you have a desired output name.  Hence, one can use the browse button, select one of the input files, click "Open", and then simply remove the sequence numbers in the output file name field.
6.   Click on Merge.  This is certainly faster than re-encoding the file, but it can take a little while to do the copies anyway.