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Mp3Merge was born out of the marriage of necessity and inspiration. 

The necessity was that I had a boatload of mp3 lectures that were chopped into 5 minute segments.  At one point in time, that suited me just fine when my ancient mp3 player didn't keep my place within a given file that was being played.  I've since upgraded to something a bit more powerful and now, all those 5-minute files are simply annoying.  I have a LOT of these lectures so I needed something that made this task relatively painless.  Being cheap (the reality of the altruistic "software should be free" mantra), I was looking for a freeware solution.  Additionally, I wanted something that would do the job WITHOUT recoding.  There are already some good freeware solutions that will merge mp3 files, but do so with recoding the file.  This is slow and I never know what this might do to the quality of the file.  The original may not be great, but I didn't want it to be worse!

The inspiration came after doing the usual freeware/open source searching and not finding much...except one application called Mp3 File Merger. I downloaded it and tried it out.  It had a very simple interface...a bit TOO simple for my needs.  I couldn't tell if it was doing or had done anything when I used it!  I went looking in its directory for more help or examples or a readme or SOMETHING to give me a clue as to how it worked.  In doing so I stumbled upon a .bat file.  I looked inside and low and behold, it was a series of DOS "copy" commands that were copying my mp3 files, one on to the next in a series of commands. 

All this thing was doing was a DOS copy with the "/b" (binary) switch.  That was its amazing secret!  Heck, even I can do that! graphic

Well, with my inspiration to build a better mp3 file merger, I took my limited Autoit skills firmly in hand and set out.  Some fun coding and not-so-fun head-banging created Mp3Merge.  I must say that at least at its outset, it's coded for my needs, not yours.  I wanted to make it at least available to the world, but I'm not really dedicated to making it exactly what everyone wants.  So if you want to add functionality, you're welcome to take it all and make your own thing with it (attribution is always nice), or to offer code that I can add to the program.  You can request help from me but I can't guarantee that I'll be able to help or to modify the program. It simply is not that high a priority for me.

My goal is to meet a need of mine and hope that at the same time I can help others who have the same need.